Residential Drug Rehab

Our Treatment Approach

Om to Home Residential Treatment facility located in Apopka, Florida is the next step in a successful treatment program once the detoxification process is complete. This is distinguished by services provided in our safe facility with 24-hour coverage by qualified professional. Individuals need the supervision and structure provided by a 24-hour program but do not have risk factors present that warrant an inpatient setting. It may also be appropriate for persons who lack motivation or who’s living situation is not conductive to remaining sober. This is typically a short-term stay from 28-90 days depending each own individual progression.

Services will be provided with the needs of the individual in mind and include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling

Education is an important factor in the healing process of addiction and will include:

  • Substance abuse education
  • Ways of prevention abuse or relapse
  • Health & medical issues in relation to substance use
  • Motivation therapy to maintain a substance-free life
  • Life skills such as:
    • Anger management
    • Communication skills
    • Problem solving skills
    • Recovery training
    • Relationship skills
    • Symptom management
    • Employment skills
  • Alternate means of self-expression
  • Educational or employment skills
  • Mental health issues


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